2021 Horror Recommendations

• October 25th, 2021

What’s that creeping in the shadows? Could it be a ghost? A werewolf? A zombie? No, it’s a new episode of Film Driven! Take a drive with Steve and Andre and we’ll give you some spooky recommendations for films that are maybe a little bit off the beaten path. Maybe just a little further down that dark, woody road…

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2021 Oscars Preview!

• April 22nd, 2021

Hey, remember 2020? (We know.) There were actually new movies released, and they're still having an Academy Awards ceremony for those movies! It's Sunday! Crazy, right? Anyway, take a listen to Steve and Andre as they break down this year's super late, super weird Oscars.

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The 80’s Ep. 13: Best of! (Part 2)

• April 1st, 2021

In the final episode of this season of Film Driven, Andre and Steve reveal their picks for the five best movies of the 1980's. Thanks for all who joined us, and spread the word!

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The 80’s Ep. 12: Best of! (Part 1)

• March 17th, 2021

While we've enjoyed this drive through the cinema of the 1980's, we're almost at our destination, so it's time to park the car and reveal our choices for our favorite movies of the decade. Take a listen, there might be some surprises! Part 1 of 2.

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The 80’s Ep. 11: Comedy!

• March 2nd, 2021

Although we never whipped Joe Lewis's ass, we did live through the comedies of the 1980's. Eddie Murphy! Bill Murray! Rodney Dangerfield?!? Take a drive with Andre and Steve as we pick up some Huggies, and whatever cash you got.

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The 80’s Ep. 10: Movie Music of the 80’s

• February 15th, 2021

The 80's were a bad decade for musicals... or were they? Join Andre and Steve as we discuss the music that made so many movies of the 1980's memorable.

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The 80’s Ep. 9: Teenage Cinema

• January 21st, 2021

Grab your trapper keepers and file in for Saturday detention, it's time to talk about teen cinema in the 80's! Join Andre and Steve as they debate John Hughes' legacy, what qualifies as a teen film, and just how much nudity was actually in "Porky's" anyway?

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The 80’s Ep. 8: What Happened to the Auteurs of the 70’s?

• January 12th, 2021

The 1970's are often hailed as a golden age for American film, when the "film brats" took over and established a "new Hollywood." But what did these guys do in the 1980's? They kept making movies! Join Andre Shane and Steve Haskin as we discuss the 80's output of Scorsese! DePalma! Coppola! Spielberg! Others!

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• December 19th, 2020

The Film Driven guys take a break from their trip through the 1980's to discuss the films of the 30's and 40's -- or more specifically, a film about those times, David Fincher's "Mank."

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The 80’s Ep. 7: Back to Vietnam

• December 2nd, 2020

Gooooooooooooooood morning Film Driven listeners! Our look back at the 80's continues with how that decade kept looking back to the 60's -- specifically, to the Vietnam war. Join Andre and Steve as we delve into how Hollywood (and the country) reckoned with the war and its' aftermath.

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